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Pasta with Swiss Chard and Italian Sausage


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Once again this week we were part of another great recipe swap that Cassie signed us up for.  The theme for this week's swap was a pasta dish.  We, once again, really enjoyed the recipe we got and although we may have done quite a bit of adapting of the recipe, so much so that we couldn't use the original title, we feel that the spirit of the dish was upheld and it was still full of the flavors intended.  The recipe was a Martha Stewart recipe, but it was recommended to us by a the blogger Lisa from Lisa's Cooking Adventures.  Thanks Lisa!  We loved every minute of this dish!

As mentioned above we did quite a bit of adapting of this recipe.  It was originally called Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe.  We shop at a pretty small natural grocery store so quite a few of the title ingredients weren't available to us, but the substitutes we definitely close ones.  First we chose to use a different whole wheat shape pasta to eat more whole grains and because orcchiette was not available.  We didn't have time to make the pasta homemade either so we just stuck with the store bought and it was great.  Second there was no broccoli rabe to be found so we subbed out Swiss chard that also gave the dish a little bit of a pinkish color. 

Pasta with Swiss Chard and Italian Sausage
Adapted from Martha Stewart
Makes 4 Servings
12 oz. whole wheat pasta
4 hot Italian sausages, removed from casings
7 T. extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2-1 t. crushed red pepper flakes
1 bunch fresh Swiss Chard, well washed and chopped
salt and pepper to taste
2 oz. Parmesan

1) Over high heat bring a pot of well salted water to a boil.  Prepare Pasta to Al-dente and then drain and set aside.

2) In a skillet over medium heat crumble Italian sausages and cook fully.  Remove the sausages from the pan and drain off any excess fat from the pan.  Add in the olive oil, the garlic, and the red pepper flakes.  Cook for about 30 seconds.  Add in the Swiss chard and cook about 5 minutes until wilted.  Return the sausage to the pan.  Salt and pepper to taste. 

3) Toss the sausage and chard mixture with the pasta and the Parmesan.  Serve immediately.


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